Wednesday, May 16, 2012

this is not for you

OfficeSpaced snark aside, it's not that I want to be down here on a lovely Saturday in May when there's a lot of swank stuff going on, homies occasionally getting a weekend off instead of stuck dealing with angry women and space cadets takes precedence and with the weather warm, the day is still young at 5:15 as it is. Whether or not this is used against me because I've outed myself as a sometimes sucker will be evidenced later on. And maybe it'll rain. Despite what the overlords would have one believe, this is not because I'm a good little worker or want to score any brownie points with them. It's all about peonage solidarity.

 But time spent there equals to less time later so inshallah I'll be roadtripping down to the Rubber City recently vacated by certain now-famous folk to see the works of the wonderful Howard Finster, who in a fair world would get more recognition than, say, Thomas Kinkade. His fans include Michael Stipe and David Byrne, but I stumbled across not by that trajectory but a random library search for outside art.

By all accounts, he seems to be a nice guy, and as far as what I've read, doesn't seem to be super crazy unless one counts spirituality as such.

So yeah, take that, The Man, or something.


  1. O, thou turning these travails into something swanky & artistic canst alleviate the terrible shame in my breast, woe, woe be offyce warre-fare!

  2. not so much crazy as wonderfully literal-minded

  3. You are piling up karmic luck at the Space Casino for these kinds deeds, Duchess.

  4. Randal,
    Maybe I'll actually get something written and I'll get to show up dressed like you for once as it is. I'll just evince my own version of 72-dimensional chess upon the Towerynge Slabbe.

    Indeed, and it seems he has genuine life, and that abundantly.

    I'm agnostic on the karma front, but I'm a firm believer in the golden rule. I'm sure in this case no good deed will go unpunished. At least it allows Randal to watch footie and consume pizza rolls for a day.

  5. At least it allows Randal to watch footie and consume pizza rolls for a day.

    And then he'll blog about it, thus completing the cycle of life.