Friday, May 25, 2012

Akron calling

Wheelie bus in ten, an hour later I'll be on the way to Beautiful Akron Ohio, land of Devo and the Cramps and other weird folk, for the Howard Finster exhibit, and sundry other weirdness and opportunities for pithy social commentary and snark with the Queen of the Bondo. It's not every day yours truly gets to escape from Ye Olde Towering Slabbe, but I promised Randal pictures, and I need to occasionally leave the county or the state so this will satisfy the urge for now.


  1. If you can steal me one of those creeptacular wax figures, then I'll really owe you one.

  2. Fare well, on your journey from Clevelandistan to near Clevelandistan!

  3. ♪ Akron calling to fair Parmastan
    Weekend is here, and you need a plan
    Akron calling all peons in the slab
    Forget the library and leave the lab
    Akron calling, Randal Graves is a mess
    Cleveland is melting and he's in distress
    Akron calling, there are songs to play
    And pictures to take, snap them all day ♫

    P.S. I am a robot.

  4. sounds like a good pilgrimage, hope all goes as expected and without too much f*cked up weather

  5. Finster = King of the Backyards.

    Akron = Tire City, USA

    Also, too: Akron/Family AFAIK has nothing to do with where you're bound.