Thursday, May 10, 2012


Upon finally retrieving photos from my camera, it's time for one of those interludes again...

the magnolias are gone now, but they were lovely while they lasted.

One of my friends says my apartment looks straight out of the 1970s, and while there's a lack of polyester, there is a lot of old furniture and faded Persian rugs, an old stereo system, and a table of succulents.

Edgewater is more the purview of homicidal seagulls rather than swans, but this was a welcome surprise.

We found this jawbone on the beach and the texture fascinated me enough to take it home and drop it in a bowl in the art room with sundry other weird things.

The Wild Deer of the Valleys of Parmastan

little buds.

view from the improvised DJ booth on Record Store Day

And, just for Jim, and for other folks, here's how we do on Fair Clevelandia's west side this past weekend.


  1. I see two turntables, but no microphone. Some Clevelandia denizen didn't use his power of mental thinking.

    Someday you'll get goldenrod wallpaper and a bitchin' Camaro.

  2. swan on my morning walk is waging genocidal warfare on his candian goose neighbors and their dwindling young.

  3. As a mutual 'friend' (of course, I use the term advisedly) says: "Graffiti kills"

    Cool park days. got no idea what kind of jawbone that is.