Tuesday, May 1, 2012

got that feeling

The "Space Casino" is landing soon in Downtown Clevelandia, which gives me one more reason not to go near that place except for expeditions in snark with my erstwhile colleague. Having made his fortune off subprime loans, taking advantage of his employees, making himself into a Comic Sans superhero for the less astute Clevelandians, he's now found another way to part fools with their money.

Not everyone shares my view on this of course, and while out for a friend's birthday last night, I was a minority at the table with my views on downtown development, which probably has a whole lot to do with delving into a certain local muckraker's personal papers and seeing the huge huge tax breaks and sweetheart deals between the local powers that be and the big players that have inevitably screwed the general populace for years to come.

And yeah, shiny buildings are better than boarded up ones, but when all the downtown development I see is apartments and recreation that I can't afford, even as a 20-something with no extra mouths to feed  (and I'm one of the few that's employed!), and there's nowhere to walk to after sunset, no neighbors, and while the new and ugly construction goes up, there are still condos sitting empty, because who wants to live in a wasteland with a view of brutalist architecture? Like the Rock Hall and the sportsplexes before it, the casino and the medical mart are not going to save us, or give us sustainable jobs, and all we'll get is more douchebags downtown and more women getting exploited and more people being taken advantage of all the way around.

Then again, the general populace doesn't always seem to care. The Facebook page is an exercise in semiliterate head-hurting absurdity, of a subculture I know next to nothing about (my card game experience limited to go fish, war, and Egyptian Rat Screw), and I get the feeling that not everyone on here is being snarky. Read it and weep.

I cant wait to be your FIRST {{{ B I G }}} WINNER! ! ! :-) ♥ ♥ ♥
|7| |7| |7| = big $$$$ For ME!!!!! Oh yah i'm looking forward to play in my home-town!!!! Cleveland Rocks! Do you guys have go fish?Figure I'll gamble some, have a few cocktails then go down to the lake on beach and lay out .....I Love Cleveland...Is anyone going to answer the questions posted??? I'd like to know if you have Larrys Lobstermania and The Price is Right slot machines.
....lol I hope it makes Cleveland much more money then it has had for a long time. I love CLEVELAND! I would help the casino do stuff for free if I lived there. We are getting one in Columbus and I dont really care although I know I will probably go there a few time.
literally lose sleep every night waiting for this place to open.  I cant wait to spend all my pay checks here - this is going to be amazing Me too man. I had a dream that my wife left me becasue i loved this place more than her...Please don't send $5.00 free play....its not worth the drive from Memphis TN...send aleast $50.00 to $1OO.00 free play slot...Thanking you in advance.  I plan on spending my whole first six paychecks here. I should be VIP Bitch... I cant wait to have my gambling addiction exploited by having a Casino 10 minutes from my house. I raise you 2 months pay - first 11 checks will be blown at the fabulous Horseshoe casino !!!!! do you have a sophisticted Bingo hall?cant wait!!! BIG PAYOUTS BABY!! WOOHOO!! Can't wait to give you my money LOL! i will be excited to see the transformation, from a deptment store to a casino[ i once shoped at higbee's] thanks for the hard work and money to make it possiable. a long over due addition to cleveland ohionnnI am going to get so drunk there I will puke on the three-card table. Sadly I read they will not cash my unemployment check or use my food stamps as credit for chip.Okay Cleveland, forget the 54 World Series, forget the trade of Rocky Colavito, forget Red Right 88, forget the Drive, the Fumble, the Shot, its time to create your own Cleveland memories at the Horseshoe Cleveland opening on May 14th! We waited a long time for this but Cleveland is doing it right by being a part of the number one gaming company in the world "Caesars". No more long drives to MI, NY or PA. Use the $40 you saved on gas to try your luck! Oh and how sweet is this, "these tax dollars will help our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews in our public schools! Welcome to all my family members, friends and new friends. Looking forward to seeing you real soon!


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  2. I can't believe you left out the one equating the Space Casino with the childhood glory that was Mr. Jingaling. You, mademoiselle, are no Lenin.