Saturday, May 19, 2012

no good deed goes unpunished, or does it?

So in the spirit of Christian charity (non patronizing variant), I offered the girl on the next street part of my already very small part of the community garden, because I had some and she had none and I kind of believe in sharing. As it turns out, "just a couple tomatoes" turned into multiple flats of stuff as she's proceeded to cajole others into giving up their space as well, and it's become evident to all of us that she's got a severe case of little empress syndrome.

So as that's being ironed out as the rest of us are trying to figure out how to deal with a bullying personality in our little space, I'm once again reminded of why most -isms based on the "better angels of our nature" are naturally doomed to failure. It's hard to share when it's a recreational plot of ten people, let alone resources and corporations and powerful entities.

Still, speaking of overlords, I showed up to work Randal's shift and about an hour on of hearing about the intricacies of catching fish in World of Warcraft was relieved ironically enough by one of the people who is a true bona-fide slacker, unlike us Gen-X posers who always show up to work, if only for the camaraderie of St. Drogo and an unspoken commitment to not screwing over our fellow peons. I'll take what I can get so I walked down to the Asian festival down the street, which was quite swanky and awesome, especially as it represented a sizable chunk of the continent, which is no mean feat.

One of my friends was up there so me and her walked around with the girl she's mentoring who said lots of awesome snarky things, and we admired Filipino folk dancing and kids playing covers of G'N'R songs who called themselves the Tone Lockers, ate noodles, people-watched (every conceivable background and age made its appearance), noted that all the "authentic imports" from Nepal, Peru, and Thailand look like the usual tie-dyed paisleyed headshop generica, and I probably have a fantastic sunburn upon my cracker brow, but all in all, good times.


  1. This makes me happy.

    Tone Lockers as in Funky Cold Medina? (ah, perhaps before your time, grasshopper).


  2. the intricacies of catching fish in World of Warcraft

    So that's what goes on in the Towering Slab?

    This is the first I've heard of it...

  3. Randal,
    See, no need to get all Catholic guilty!

    This is what The Kids are into these days, much to the amusement and dismay of the Peonage.