Friday, May 25, 2012

talking past each other

the following dialogue more or less took place in my car yesterday.  Sorry if it offends everyone.

If America doesn't vote Democrat this fall we're screwed! Romney's declared war on women!

Um... and Obama's declared war on everyone? We've been bombing Afghanistan and Libya and droning Yemen and Pakistan and fighting proxy drug wars in Mexico and Honduras!

But Romney wants to overturn Roe V. Wade, and he'll put Supreme Court justicies in to do that!

Ummm... that didn't happen under Bush, and probably won't ever happen. Both sides need that spectre to rally the masses against the other side while everyone's rights get trampled on (other person in this argument also forgets that I've got that whole weird pro-life Jesushead thing going on but I'm not even going to go there).

Imagine how bad it'll be when Romney takes away your rights!
 Lest we forget that a Democrat president has kept Gitmo open, Bradley Manning locked up,  signed NDAA (which was authored by McCain, but one didn't have to sign it), and also the whole cops beating the snot out of and intimidating protestors and laws being passed to make it really hard to exercise one's right to political expression. I'm just sayin'...

Why don't you care about women? They don't want you to get paid equally!

Well, considering that I'm already considered less worthy of equal pay for equal work being a single chick without a family to feed and there's ways to get around such things, I'm a little more concerned about human rights around the world as a whole at this point, not just white women who are employed.

But the Republicans are way worse!
Ummm, two sides of the same coin financed by the same super bankers and mega military industrial corporations. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  Screw that, I'm voting third party this fall. 

Well you're throwing away your vote.
I'm sick of picking between the lesser of two evils every year and holding my nose. Stalin was all "yay women" but killed 40 million people. Hitler picked on only certain groups and killed 6 million. Both of them were awful evil people whose ideology meant misery for anyone not on their side. Is one less evil than the other? If I lived in Poland in 1940, couldn't I just not pick either?

Also, I'm sick of the War on Terror and the War on Drugs. Both sides are perpetuating this. It's not like I have that much faith in libertarians but at least Gary Johnson doesn't care what you do in your bedroom or with the cannabis plants on your porch and wants to get the hell out of these countries. And he won't win so he won't screw anything up and I'll feel like I have less blood on my hands than I do right now. This whole process is stupid anyway and I don't want to play this game anymore.



  1. Since I subscribe to your good cop/bad cop theory (though where's my damn t-shirt?), I have nothing substantive to offer other than you should know by now that when talking to a hardcore dum or gooper, this is what you get.

    Democracy rules when the lever's pulled for their special snowflake.

    Beware uterus thieves in the night!

  2. Mostly I agree. I'm voting for Jill Stein.

    I'll note that the crappiest Democrats (like Obama) are the ones most like the Republicans.

    But G.W. Bush did put Roberts and Alito on the Supreme Court, and I'm sure that Scalia and Thomas would happily join them in voting to overturn Roe v. Wade. So that issue is not one I'd be sanguine about.

  3. Randal,
    I just find it funny that despite everything I've ever said to said party, it's still assumed that me and said party agree on everything.

    It's like Reagan all over again but Dem this time. As for the Supreme Court justices (and ten years ago at a time when I swung way more righty than I do now), I'm glad that Bader-Ginsburg and the like are on there too. Though I still think they shouldn't get appointed for life because they're laying down some pretty wacky decisions all around.