Thursday, May 17, 2012


Because ranting about politics and personal lifeness and such gets old after awhile, here's some beauty. One of my first drawings as a kid was drawing my own version of a Hiroshige composition on the chalkboard in the basement of my parents' first house.

When I took printmaking, I was awestruck by the incredible attention to detail that I saw in these at the art museum. I know it's kitschy, but I have a calendar of this stuff in my kitchen.


  1. That's not as kitschy as a calendar of Paris, which I don't have.

    You should eventually try doing a glaze of something like these. *That* would be swanky.

  2. It has come to my attention that free alcoholic beverages are not served to the movers and shakers at the Space Casino.

    WTF? says I???

    Also, for your amusement...Sad trombone (re:Wheelers Island)

  3. Randal,
    That would be quite swanky.

    That was priceless, and I just passed it onto a friend of mine who's writing a RustBelt novel. She was also quite appreciative!

  4. hey are you writing a RustBlet novel?


  6. dmf,
    I keep trying to start one and it never goes anywhere! I just keep on chipping away though in hopes that the writer's block eventually clears.