Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hung out at another college station last night, one even more red-headedstepchild than our own, with the most bare of setups, one turntable, one computer. I'm sure being smack in the middle of the student center across from the bibliotheque doesn't help, as the general aesthetic of snarky ephemera, antisocial tuneage, and concert posters doesn't always correspond with said college's personal brand that they wish to preserve, which is probably not furthered by the format that night of Morbid and sundry punk. Still, that's no good reason why the LARP club got more scratch than the station as far as student funds, go figure.

While we were there arguing about the relative merits of punk vs black metal vs U2, some prof dropped off flyers for some class for The Kids to build their own drones. While one of my friends on the interwebs suggested that I overreacted to this, saying it's just like robotics, I wish I had the flyer itself, because, as Vitaly described it, "It looks like the cover of that one Carnivore album." Or an ad in Brutal Mercenary Magazine. (it's about damn time, MTV getting those episodes back to the masses!)

 I almost got lost on the way back to Clevelandia, got turned around a little bit, with the weather being all misty and beautiful but messing with my inner compass. Wasn't ready to roll out of bed but the misty morning air was refreshing and the show went decent today despite not having brought any tunes from home.


  1. I did enjoy model rockets as a wee lad, then again, I had designs on taking over Canada.

    1. I would venture to say that model rockets are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

  2. https://soundcloud.com/thelongwives/the-violence-of-man-the-long