Monday, January 21, 2013

cats and dogs and...

I broke down and got a new laptop and naturally the old one resurrects itself just a little longer, go figure, though this was useful given that the other creaks all geriatric (planned obsolescence is maddening in this regard) and won't update or enter the Internets willingly.

It's been a week of petsitting, another week to go and then a week with another pup after that. I took the Jungle Puppy out to the woods with one of my college friends to Tinker's Creek Gorge yesterday before the cold snap hit (because neither of us really like it that freezing).  I was warm in a hoodie and thermal and it felt like April. The ground was muddy but there were waterfalls and pines and I think about how sanitized and unwild all this nature is around me, that civilization is so close, the paths are clear, the only wild animals afoot for the most part are squirrels (though the coyotes howl in the ravines come dusk), it's only a phone call and a hillside away from city. 

Last night while drinking tea and watching old British comedies, I could hear the cold winds blowing in and woke up thankful I'd grabbed a winter coat from the house. The tubes in my amps have been temperamental but music sounded excellent this morning, with a fellow DJ at the station who's similarly aligned in terms of religious affiliation and musical taste playing the heck out of the drums and my regular bassist extraordinaire and someone else to sing with who's refreshingly free of ego. I would have loved more reverb on my guitar than the substitute amp provided, but people sang and maybe it was some combination of spiritus sanctus and caffeine and those of us just clicking together so well.

And today, slacking, cooking, walking the Jungle Puppy through the cold streets of Clevelandia, running into an old friend and feeling like it took some time for my face to thaw into speaking. There's not much to say really, just the usual things swirling around as always. I just keep wondering how the snow is going to be. I don't feel accustomed to it anymore.

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