Saturday, February 2, 2013

first mini road trip of the year

So I came down with a bout of something either food poisoning or 24 hour flu the other night, shivering and sweating and losing my dinner and feeling all around miserable so I called in sick and slept on the couch, almost called off my trip to Pittsburgh up until the last moment when a heavy dosage of pedialyte and some rice noodles restored the constitution.

And it was worth it, a spectacularly easy drive to the next state over into Steeler country, with a friend of mine who prefers the more technical end of the metal spectrum to what he calls "all that funeral music you like" down some winding roads into what feels like a small town, an old church building repurposed that's drafty but the ceilings are arched and the atmosphere lends itself well to this kind of thing. No wonder bands skip my town, this place rules and you don't have to worry about getting jumped walked back to your car.

We got there halfway through Ancient VVisdom's set, which wasn't bad to listen to but didn't do a whole lot for me, but then again I'm not terribly interested in YAYSATAN either for reasons both ideological and somewhat aesthetic but the singer kind of reminded me of Trent Reznor fronting some acoustic act, so make of that what you will.

Considering we had a late night ahead, it was nice to be somewhere where things moved quickly and started on time (this town had a Cinderella pumpkin midnight cutoff), and Royal Thunder, missing one guitarist, played 2 songs I knew, and two I didn't in the middle, which killed the momentum a little bit but it sounded great.

Pallbearer was awesome too, though I find that level of funereal doom better for nights at home painting than live, but it sounded swank, those guitar tones get me every time. 
I enjoyed Enslaved way more than last time, and knew to clear off to the other side so the dudes could mosh, and ended up slinging my companion's hoodie over my purse so he could get in the pit.

 A good mix of old and new stuff, my friend who's the bigger fan said something off each album got played. Ended the set with "Immigrant Song" again, did one more for an encore and we talked to a couple other Cleveland folk and headed back, where I subjected him to my tunes all the way home. He wants to reprise this in Detroit tonight, but I'm still kind of sleepy from last night so I don't think I will, but not bad for the first jaunt outside the borders of Ohiostan.


  1. Kefir for repopulating the stomach flora: works great and tastes a tad like yoghurt w/ maybe a slight edge.

    Now you gotta' figure out how to repair your eardrums!

    1. oh yes! Considering that I live within a few blocks of proprietors of the delicacies of Araby, that should be pretty easy to find. Right now I'm Sudafeding the heck out of my stuffy nose.

      Because I'm getting old, I've taken to wearing earplugs to shows, which has worked wonders. I wish I had started doing this earlier in life.