Friday, January 4, 2013

sweetest chill

So much tea has been drunk to warm me from the inside, layers upon layers all Seattle-style, the cold a perfect temperature, attempting to find a place on the iceslicked street to leave the car, trying not to slip on icy sidewalks heading towards the bus, returning to the beautiful regularities of art studio and movie night. Watched my first Kurosawa flick last night with the usual suspects and wonder where he's been all my life.

The usual peeps are wack, the usual party lines towed, I fear suburban goofballery less than kinder gentler machine gun hands, which confuses folks. I guess it is what it is. 

Much redacted due to the Internets being forever and for lacking the desire to whine too much. The sun is out, this truncated holiday week makes it feel like it's only half-over, but hello weekend! Hopefully getting some hiking in, and some live tuneage tonight with some radio people since Keelhaul's playing for free on the other side of town. Who knows?

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