Tuesday, January 22, 2013

into the white

The highway a toboggan chute, the sidestreets unplowed, somehow amazing that I got to the station in one piece and time this morning, new tires are a wonder in this case. Started out punky, moved pretty fast into the wintry shoegaze and doom. Mad props to Lupe Fiasco for truthtelling even if his creative output since those first two records isn't very good and the rant could be more articulate. No such mad props to Soundgarden, especially for playing that godawful song "Imagine." What a stupid song. I get that not everybody digs the organized religion but seriously, that song sucks almost as much as American Pie. Here's some tunes that don't suck instead.

Anyways. It looked really amzing out there, even if it's nine degrees fahrenheit and my hands were freezing even in gloves. Ghostly sheets of snow blowing off the lake between the buildings downtown, streetlights glimmering and purple sky over the cathedral and the housing projects.

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