Monday, January 21, 2013

king conscience is dead

Overslept, met some friends and their schoolkids at the art museum, looked at some swank art, admired the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and learned a lot about owls, skunks, and snakes at the animal show, thankfully that supplanted the footage of the inauguration and while the santa biblia's just a book, it offends me that someone needs two to swear with two fingers crossed that he'll uphold the law. I'd rather have someone swear on a pile of Harlequin romances and at least not be evil. I keep thinking about how in Animal Farm, the new regime keeps everyone cowed by scaring them about the farmer they ran off or the farmer next door to justify all sorts of awfulness.

  Anyways, I'm trying to refrain from the expletives because of the crowds of people and kids but it's hard. Maybe this is how folks felt with Reagan second time around. My friends on Facebook are quoting their favorite parts of the speech and it's all wonderful-sounding bullshit so far from reality. What? The wars are ending? The economy stopped sucking? What? Ah well. It's the same broken record spinning for the last 6000 years.

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