Wednesday, February 12, 2014

where two or three are gathered

One of my near and dear Kentinistas is moving to California to pursue heavy metal dreams. I don't remember exactly how we started talking but I was friends with one of his dorm neighbors and while I lost touch with them, he became part of my circle, became roommates with my friends, and there were countless nights of hanging out on my front porch eating vegan chili and laughing and talking about music and going to shows. When I moved and he got evicted we lost touch for years and reconnected via zuckerbook. 

He's one of the nicest people I've ever known and an incredible cook and when I say I want to hang out before he leaves I don't want to take advantage of that, but he shows up with homemade sweet potato gnocchi and in the meantime me and my roommate catch up on girl stuff that we don't want to bore him with saute up some vegetables with garlic, lemon juice and almonds and throw together a cobbler with the frozen fruit in the freezer that ends up being accidentally foodie since I'm almost out of oatmeal and have a stash of quinoa in the pantry.

We're older now, with less to prove, joking about how we've rediscovered our teenage music as we're listening to all manner of Chino Moreno projects while feasting and reminiscing and talking about what's been going on with us, plotting west coast trips to visit, the time evaporates, it's midnight and we part ways and my heart is warmed at how we've all ended up where we are. 

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