Friday, February 14, 2014

I will not make you this

I used to make so many mix CDs, in part because I thought my taste was awesome, in part because this was a way of sharing something, of attempting to explain something. Most of the time with no implications, no innuendos inherent in songs. The last time I made a mix for a guy I was dating, I don't think he got why I thought these songs ruled because he suggested I annotate the next one. Maybe I put too much music that wasn't in English on there. The one he made me had a lot of synthesizer on it. Taste is no barometer of compatibility but ours were very different. Now I just inflict my taste via college radio for two hours every week for whoever happens to be listening.

If I was to make a Valentine's Day mix some of these songs would be on it. I wish I had seen that someone was looking for a fill-in tonight because at least I could have made a mix for all the Clevelandia lovers and those who wish they were.

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