Saturday, February 15, 2014


so my Friday night on the high-fructose holiday was spent at the station playing records and drinking our program director's IPAs and playing lots of 90's rock and roll, taking requests and snarking on the air and me rambling about lupercalia and Dave Wyndorf as a viable write-in candidate. I may or may not have been slightly inebriated because evidently my Clevelandian accent was extra strong. We played requests for My Bloody Valentine, Type O Negative, The Cardigans ("love fool" got us an angry call), and Nirvana, and found a mutual affinity for early Sub Pop. Here's a smatter of what I didn't previously post that hit the airwaves. Perhaps not so romantic so much as goofy but that's what I needed.

Today was spent skiing in the metroparks, talking relationships over hot chocolate, quality girl time with one of my Kentinistas that involved checking out some art, drinking tons of tea and savoring bitter chocolate and blood oranges while listening to angstastic music. There are some things that I'm realizing are going to get complicated and tangled and will probably end sadly and awkwardly and so I'm trying to mentally brace myself for that. I'm glad I'm surrounded by good folks but sometimes I wish that there wasn't so much heartbreak around every corner.

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