Sunday, February 23, 2014

i can't close my eyes

All the thoughts and contemplations, most of what was memorable this weekend falls into the category of too much information, things I do not know if I want to share with who knows who, but goodness I veer from moments of bliss that almost made me feel guilty to existential spiritual crisis in a matter of 48 hours and it freaks me out.

I could have gone and seen Dead Meadow last night but I was too tired and everyone else seemed to be too. I visited a friend's neighbor with her and played guitar and sang to her today. She's dying of cancer. Her religious belief makes me feel so agnostic. I wish it didn't. It's hard for me to process out the hundred thousand thoughts I'm having right now. I am now listening to Arvo Part and bawling because existentialism and spiritual crisis and catharsis are all too frequent. It will always come and go.

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