Friday, February 21, 2014

time wounds all the heals

I missed the medical museum lecture to order too much Colombian food with one of my metalhead homies from back in the Kentinista days. I have an arepa and plantain chips in the fridge for tonight at least,and we had good conversations, spouting our contrarian opinions about music, talking about the future, laughing about the past. Our other partner in hanging out was sick but it was good to get one last quality time in before he leaves for sunnier climes.

Maybe it's the winter weather that's making me remember those times when we were younger and had no idea what was coming, when our concerns were schoolwork and crazy roommates and scraping together enough money for gas to go to shows in Akron and eating out of dumpsters and selling off chunks of our CD collection for grocery and beer money until we got paid. So much has changed since then but we're still not all that much different, a little kinder, a little wiser maybe.

I'm a creature of habit and a homebody but I advocate others striking out for new frontiers, especially as the rulebook for successful life has been shown to be lacking, the conventional ways of doing just not working anymore, the jobs aren't here, who wants a house anyways, none of us are making enough money to have kids and our friends are getting divorced already. I've realized that my exceedingly low expectations have kept me from despairing more than I would otherwise but that my lack of expectations means that I am way more comfortable settling for things I shouldn't settle for because I don't see anything better and this isn't necessarily a good thing.  I've made it work here, but here is not for everyone, if it was, we wouldn't be bleeding population out to everywhere else. 

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