Friday, August 31, 2012

one hundred, two hundred...

The cooler nights are welcome, the porch is being worked on once more, I don't mind the hammering, it's about time there's something more than framework, I'm fed up with all sides on politics unsurprisingly as usual. Teachings about planks and specks are relevant here, moreso than Gandhisms masking as deep platitudes, one's eyes don't need to be out vile jellied to not see the truth, on both sides, we need to deal with our own dreck before we start pointing out the failings of others although I'm sure those things are exhilarating for some.

But I'll be playing one last game beneath the warplanes, a few years ago I thought the Catholic Workers were crazy for protesting and getting arrested at the air show every year and now I really can't argue with how they see things as the war machine keeps turning. Two days out of Clevelandia, inshallah, to be next to water and under stars as the price of gas ratchets up and I'm glad I haven't driven anywhere in a week except for out to the east side for a farewell gathering last night, because the car is making rattles that my best guy friend says is the sway bar going bad, #rustworld problems strike again.

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