Monday, August 6, 2012

a small victory

Friday night music making segued into MST3K geekery and porch-sitting in Lakewood with the Kentinistas, bruises and sweet softball victory, whoops and hollers and hugs and group photos all around, Saturday night stoner rock fill-in, meeting up with Tangerine for nighthawking at the diner for pancakes and conversations about the stalledness of our lovelives and the increasing feelings of small-town-ness, bicycle-riding with trepidation down streets of mansions, watching free Shakespeare in the park with the garden ladies, drinking cheap beer wrapped in a plastic bag. Dreamed of missiles hitting the lake and bombs dropping on the city and then woke up. The planes sounded extra sinister, and the daily grind feels strangely comforting.


  1. Instead of casting judgment upon innocent bunnies, there should be a shrunken head contest instead.

  2. Better to cast asparagus upon innocent bunnies, sez I.