Thursday, August 9, 2012

beside the water

Attempts to get the heck out of Clevelandia for a couple days scuttled by epic rainstorms, I woke up late and ran out the door into the rain for more of the daily grind and the Elixir of St. Drogo that makes such things bearable. Not much to do when it's pouring. I had no creative impulses to indulge and this song was on the tape deck which always makes me smile.

Dinner with the parents last night, my homie of the east side along for the ride, knowing more of what the frenchish terms were on the menu than us, much laughter ensued over various and sundry, the little guy was moody, but good times were had by all, I think.

We all parted ways and the two of us headed down to the park where we sat on the glider facing the dark water of the lake and watched spiders spin webs above our heads on the frame. He wants to move someday, he always has, and I don't blame him, either down south or northwest where there's relatives and places to go hiking in the woods and less people who do crazy things.

Fireworks are being shot off downtown so we watch them for awhile, with the reverberations coming lately to the shore below, and then we walk back through the trees, hang out on the playground and swing, it's been forever since I've swung on the playground, but it's a perfect cool and clear night, the kind I live for in the summer and I'm glad I get to spend it out here.

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  1. try googling the images of paintings by
    Adam Cullen(RIP)