Tuesday, August 28, 2012

dan eldon

A detour with the family way back when at a bookstore in Shaker Heights where I found a biography of photojournalist, collager extraordinaire Dan Eldon whose life was cut short too soon at 22 while covering the conflict in Somalia in 1992.

The fabulous resources of Ohiostan's public libraries netted me a copy of The Journey is the Destination my first year of college and I subsequently would order it and keep it out as long as I could before I finally snagged a copy of my own.

While I was never nearly so adventurous both in life and in collaging my ephemera so lushly, I've found it inspiring and worthy of a place at the coffeetable for browsing through and discovering new details. You can browse the complete journals here, but here's some images in the meantime.


  1. There's some swank in here. Vicarious is vicious.

  2. very good thanks, this is the kind of art they should be teaching school kids to do, things that will mix in with their daily lives.

  3. http://www.demilked.com/google-street-view-photos/