Tuesday, July 3, 2012

watch the weather change...

We stood in the empty corner office at the end of the hall, watching the birds fly backwards, the orange haze beneath the approaching darkness, the swirls of leaves and shreds of plastic bags and other detritus looping through the black hole air. The spires of the cathedral across the street are shadowed, smoky cirrus across the horizon beneath. I wish I had a camera so badly right now.

My dad and I used to watch the storms roll in from the garage. We had lawn chairs set up out there, we'd listen to classic rock on the radio and swig Coca-Cola out of a two liter bottle and he'd get a bag of chips or a pack of Twizzlers out of his car and we'd sit there and watch the wind blow up the street like we were at the movies, and we'd talk, but mostly we'd just be lost in the moment with a certain sense of awe.

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