Thursday, July 19, 2012

asgard stories

Some good friends of mine from church have moved to Georgia, meaning a roadtrip should be in line, and I miss my coffeeshop nights with her and playing music and talking literature with him, and watching their incredibly brilliant and cool kids. He might be the only non-metal dude I know who wears a Hammer of Thor, being more into punk rock and old country music, but he was the one who found this book at his college library and had been reading it to his girls, and in spite or perhaps because of our shared beliefs on Life the Universe and Everything, we were still amused by the explanation at the beginning that this is what people used to believe before they were enlightened by Christianity . I love the texture of these illustrations and wish I could draw like this without it looking like cheeseball fantasy art that The Kids proliferate their DeviantArt accounts with.

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  1. Just wait till Ragnarok, then you'll get yours!

    These rule, by the way.