Thursday, July 5, 2012

love battery

Ten years ago, when we all had CD walkmans that were held together with band stickers and scotch tape, when we listened to our band's demos recorded onto boombox on the educational tape recorders in the college library, my partner in the grunge loaned me a CD with pink and black cover art that he promised me I'd love. And I did.

I couldn't find it at the record store so I recorded the whole thing onto one side of a cassette tape, the other side had some garage rock I'd dubbed from my dad's 45s and some other obscure cuts from an old Sub Pop comp he'd loaned me earlier that had the song "Between the Eyes" that was our song even though it was about suicide and that wasn't in our life plans. I treasured that tape and its rare sounds, and then found the disc a few years later in the bargain bin at a record store in Canton one night when me and my roommate cut class.

He might be the only person I know who cares about Love Battery, and we loved the psyched out sounds, the angst and the guitars that were more shoegaze than grunge really, but their output still gets spun on the radio early in the morning, with Dayglo being my favorite still, and Far Gone a close second. I don't even mind that Ron Nine is singing half the time about Beat writers I don't even care about...


  1. I am also a large fan of the song Between The Eyes.

  2. One of those bands that initially slipped through the cracks, since it was pretty much all Alice, all the time, but they's good.

  3. thanks i missed them the 1st time around.