Friday, July 27, 2012

tiptoeing through landmines

Redacted aggravation with the usual suspects of smugger-than-thous and sanctimonious twits of both sacred and secular persuasion, to obsess about admittedly absurd gaffes and the personal views of fast-food CEOs when the country is full of drought, the air is full of drones, and everyone would rather just get on their personal high horse about the people across the aisle rather than be decent humans all the way around, but maybe that kind of grandstanding's way easier and theoretically less ambiguous than the day-to-day grind of simply getting along with other people that you may or may not like,where the fine line between lazy and stupid is vexing because both involve a degree of tact which sometimes eludes me in my not-so-charitable moments. Loving one's neighbor is a hard business, loving one's enemy even moreso, especially when you want everyone to shut the hell up and stop making life hard for everyone else.