Tuesday, July 10, 2012

andy goldsworthy

The girl down the street from me was of a similarly geeky tendency, and we used to have her dad take us to cemeteries and museums and the Metroparks when we were very young. She's in medical school now, I'm ensconced in academic peonage. Who we were then is more or less who we are now.

Her parents had a house full of seashells and tiles and National Geographic magazines, Woody Allen movies, sunlight and houseplants. NPR or Enya was usually on in the background, and there were tangles of flowering bushes in the backyard that we converted into our own playland for fairytale adventures or chasing the neighborhood boys around with squirt guns.

I think her mom had this book, or it's something that I associate with them for some reason or another. I love the intricacy of the process and the transiency of the materials in contact with the elements, and while I'm generally not a fan of installation art, this has a sense of ancientness that I kind of love.


  1. Gobs more interesting than Christo giant drape shit.

  2. Goldsworthy is one of Earthgirl's favorites, books all over the house (one of my favorite's too, but she's the artist). Back in 2005 he created some magnificent stuff on the the roof of the National Gallery, people could watch him work. A highlight of her life. So cool.