Thursday, July 12, 2012

best of the blotter: chicken wings, peaceniks, and water balloons

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, LORAIN ROAD: Officers arrested a man suspected of throwing chicken wings at a passing truck July 6 near Stearns Road. Police found the man walking along the road after the driver reported the incident. According to reports, the man approached officers with his arms extended and stated that “the area was safe and the nation was safe.” He then walked past the officers, ignoring their directions to stop. The suspect later told police he thew chicken wings at the truck, and he was upset that he could not walk down the street and eat. Officers reported that the man appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicating beverage. He was taken to his home and turned over to his parents. There was no damage reported on the truck.

CRIMINAL DAMAGING, UNION STREET: A Lagrange man reported that his 2008 Jeep was intentionally scratched just after 9:15 p.m. June 30. The car owner suspects a man who drove a blue car with a “peace” sticker. Police said the incident took place in a garage and may be related to a parking dispute.

ASSAULT, ROCKSIDE ROAD: Music being played on a laptop computer by customers at Denny’s, 6100 Rockside, resulted in a Parma man being punched in the face.
The assailant was one of two men who were playing rap music on a laptop at about 3:35 a.m. July 2.
The victim tried to prove a point by playing heavy metal music. One of the rap-playing men asked the heavy-metal man what his problem might be.
In reply, the latter made a lewd comment. For that, the rap-playing man punched the Parma man and left.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT (UTTERANCES), BRADLEY STREET: A woman, 30, involved in an ongoing neighbor dispute stated in the presence of police on the evening of July 6 that she planned to do whatever she could to make her property appear more “hillbilly” in order to lower the surrounding property values, especially for the immediate neighbors who are trying to sell their house. She said this would include putting up “Beware of Dog” signs, dogs being a central part of the dispute, since the neighbors contend she is already lowering their property value by not cleaning up after her dog. She also told police she had already done some legal research and spoken with their chief, who told her it was OK to stand in her driveway yelling curse words which was the basis for the latest call. The chief denied giving her such assurances, and she was cited. 

DEPARTMENTAL INFORMATION, CLEVELAND STREET: A woman, 94, reported on the evening of July 5 that she had been receiving annoying phone calls, the latest being a greeting that sounded like the Three Stooges intro as she answered the phone. She said she did not want to pursue the matter further; she just wanted the calls to cease. Police suggested contacting the annoyance bureau with her phone company, to possibly trace any calls.

ASSAULT-AGGRAVATED TRESPASSING, KLUSNER AVENUE: A Middleburg Heights man, 18, was arrested June 24 after he allegedly threatened people at a street party.
The incident started at about 9:50 p.m. during a water-balloon fight. A friend of the Middleburg Heights man became angry toward a woman and threatened to choke her.
The friend apparently called the Middleburg Heights man, who arrived at the party. He yelled at the woman about his friend being harassed.
The woman tried to calm the man but he pushed her. Witnesses thought they saw a handgun in the man’s waistband and someone called police.
Police found a hairbrush, not a weapon, in the man’s waistband.

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