Thursday, April 12, 2012

Strong women gripe and bite your heavy tongues

Glass ceilings be damned, I've never cared for women running the world any more than men. It's just a different kind of absurdity, less skirt-chasing and good old boys clubs, but rather the machinations of bitter and unhappy romance novel readers who consider everything their business and are unable to see that their casual cattiness and cruelty has sowed seeds of dislike and dissent, of alliances formed and sealed lips. I don't buy this solidarity of women thing for a minute, because I think deep down inside we don't really like each other, and with a system already in place that stacks the deck, we've become extremely good at throwing each other over the side to get ahead.

You say we can't be friends and wonder why we're not friendly towards our betters, but when there's no trust, no rapport, just an oozing of condescension and we don't need to be stabbed in the back because we see the damoclean knife unhidden, it should be no wonder that we all pull back.

I might be more loquacious than some, but there are some I know better than to trust, as we all do, having felt the sting of groundless accusations and intrusions. I know it's not because there's any caring, maintaining of an image perhaps, but more likely the result of small minds discussing people for lack of any true thoughts.The camaraderie of colleagues, the sundry domestic dramas meant to stay within the hearth's circle, the glaring double standards, why should you care so much? Because it's painfully evident that you don't.


  1. I have nothing to add other than I <3 50 Foot Wave.

  2. Your negativity is preventing the healing of the Towering Slab's wounding to begin.

  3. Cookbook,
    I think Kristin in all her incarnations might be my favorite musician of all time.


  4. gossip is the real original sin and our curse to bear

  5. Womyn. Realism. Wimmen. Hilary Rosen v. Anne Romney. Women. Misandrony. We men. Misogyny. Misanthropy. Miss Anthropy. Another stupid summer, sunburnt lips. Bitch on.