Thursday, April 19, 2012

pakistan calling

I have a generic silver Toyota, that, unlike the previous vehicle, has no bumper stickers or much of anything else except for a duct-taped front end, but there's a part of me that loves seeing what other people do to individualize their modes of transportation. My Puerto Rican neighbors at a previous apartment used to customize their bikes, with extra spokes and boomboxes installed between the bars, and offered to do the same for mine, but it was a bike co-op Huffy that wouldn't have lent itself well. Maybe I should have taken it up anyway.

But I've always loved Pakistani truck art for reasons that I can't quite explain other than that the detail and colors are vivid and incredible and something that I don't see around these parts of Clevelandia, where most customized cars involve airbrushed wolves or stars and stripes or stars and bars, or the equipage to tailgate at Cleveland Browns games.