Friday, April 20, 2012


Digging through piles of dusty books hoping I'm not as much of a weirdo as some of these folks, attempting to avoid awkward conversations, getting recruited at my favorite record store to wo-man the turntables in a non-radio station setting for the first time in my life for Record Store Day tomorrow which makes me feel somewhat honored and a little bit nervous kind of like in music class in middle school where everyone had to bring in a favorite song and you hoped you wouldn't get laughed at.

It's too beautiful out to stay inside. I need a walk and dirt between my fingers, maybe a sunset if all goes right.


  1. Wo-man rhymes with Lo-pan, thus, indeeds for everyone. Dopesmoker, press play, & here endeth the jobbe.

  2. all that scratchin is makin me itch