Tuesday, April 3, 2012

don't it make you smile

You'll be successful in life because you have such a wonderful smile. Did you know that they didn't hire people to work at the casino because they didn't smile. Let me tell you what I learn in sales training school. Smiling happy people have greater productivity! Corporate America is waiting for you. Rich people help people. Poor people can't help people because they have nothing. Rich people help other people. 

Oh really. Not that there aren't generous rich folk out there somewhere, but what I see usually is that such gifts come strings attached or a giant spotlight rather than sheer altruism. There are some in my world with some means who I see helping out everyone around them, but they don't make a show of it, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

There's a lot of stiff-lipped humorless individuals who have "succeeded" in life if that's your definition of success and a lot of us who do wear the perpetual grin usually work in the lower echelons of the customer service industry where other people are always right no matter how wrong they are. It takes less muscles, and sometimes if the teeth are showing and the mouth goes up far enough, you can't always see the curve of the cynical eyebrow, the frustration of being unable to respond in kind and knowing that this is our life destiny, for opting out of networking and ladder-climbing but still having to deal with those who do.

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  1. Three things: 1)doing nothing takes even fewer muscles than smiling does in comparison to frowning, 2)I can always see the curve of the cynical eyebrow you're lucky I'm not evil, and 3)we need to boost the budget by selling delicious yellow chemical sludge.