Monday, April 23, 2012

best of the blotter

Man in Tree
A caller reported a man sitting in the fork of a tree on Benbow Road near Boston Road about 9 a.m. Sunday.
The man was in his 30s or 40 and had a beard, the caller said.
He wasn't there when police arrived

Randal, was this you?

A resident near Bear Creek Lane and Deer Path Drive called police about 2 p.m. April 9 and three teens taking pictures of houses and cars, which was upsetting the neighbors.
Police tracked the kids to a nearby house and learned they were working on a school project.
They were told about the neighbors' concerns.

LEGO Sets Stolen from House for Sale
LEGO sets worth $286 were stolen from a home for sale on Hilliard Boulevard some time between March 29 and April 10. There were four showings during that period. Police have no suspects.

COMPLAINT, DETROIT AVENUE: A woman was seen pushing a baby in a stroller. One resident was concerned for the baby’s safety, since it was cold out and the baby was not covered April 10.
An officer stopped the woman and noticed that the baby was wearing a snow suit.

DISTURBANCE, WEST 117TH STREET: A group of intoxicated people tried to get into a woman’s car while she was waiting at a red light April 15.
They thought her blue car was a taxi.
When the taxi arrived, they got in. Soon enough, they were kicked out for being rambunctious.

DISTURBANCE, LAKE AVENUE: A large tour bus was parked outside a motel and playing loud music April 15.
When officers arrived, all was quiet. They learned that there was a band staying at the motel and they had left in a cab to go down to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

SUSPICION, DETROIT AVENUE: After a woman heard gunshots, she watched a man run down the street and relayed a description to the police.
Officers could not find the man, but they did find a shovel and a broken bunny ornament. They figured that was probably what the woman heard.

WELFARE CHECK, CELIANNA DRIVE: A woman called police because her sick friend would not answer the phone April 11 and she was concerned about his welfare.
Turns out, the man did not want to talk to the woman. The woman was told to stop calling the man or she could face charges.
Mercedes Driver Touchy about His Car
Police were called to a Pearl Road store April 18 by a man driving a Mercedes who said he had just had a road rage incident with someone who worked there.
Officers spoke with the employee, who said this is what happened: While on the road, the man in the Mercedes swerved toward him, so he shouted "Buy American" at him.
No charges were filed. Police advised the employee to use better judgment next time.

Cloak, No Dagger
A witness told police someone draped head to toe in a black cloak was acting strangely near Sylvan Learning Center, 15201 Pearl Rd., about 6:20 p.m. April 17.
The witness couldn't tell if the cloaked person was mail or female, but said he or she was hiding
 behind a pillar.

Cart Rage
A woman went all the way to the top when the wind blew an unattended cart into her car, causing damage, as she drove in the Costco lot April 18.
Costco told her the store was not responsible for the wind blowing carts, so the woman called the mayor's office and was advised to file a police report.
Police said that because there was no criminal act, they would take the complaint for documentation only.

Woman Cited After Throwing Sandwich At Burger King Employee
A woman threw a double cheeseburger at a Burger King employee after she claimed the sandwich was not made fresh, and demanded a refund from the Mayfield Road store.
Employees called Cleveland Heights Police and reported that the woman was shouting obscenities earlier. According to employees, the 31-year-old Cleveland resident pulled in the drive-through and asked them to remake the double cheeseburger several times while her children ate their food in the car.
She apparently was not satisfied with the new burgers, chucked one at an employee and demanded a refund for her entire purchase.
Police cited the woman with disorderly conduct.
Noisy Driver
A Commons Oval woman complained April 13 that for the last month, a man on her street blasts his radio every time he drives by, and also waves a flag out the window and shouts "I am an American."
Police said they would speak with the man.

Totally makes me think of this guy:

Pot-Packed Care Bear Arrives on Man's PorchA suspicious package that turned up at the home of a North Canton man contained a Care Bear filled with five pounds of marijuana
A Care Bear filled with about five pounds of pot arrived at a North Canton resident's home earlier this month.
The man, who lives in the 600 block of 6th Street NW, called police April 7 after opening up a suspicious package that was mailed to his house.
Inside was a yellow Care Bearstuffed with a bag of marijuana, which police said weighed about five pounds.

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