Friday, February 22, 2013


 so I saw that it was the maestro of black-and-white straungeness' birthday, and was then reminded by unlikely sources who usually aver from anything kind of morbid. But anyways, I dig his stuff. Kate Beaton does too. And there's more here. And here. And still more here. And here.

I was first introduced to him a bit late, despite the multitude of John Bellairs books shelved as a library teen, by a guy I semi-dated my freshman year of college, with whom I snuck off to Bamgier to walk around a real-looking college campus, and with whome we ditched our friends who went to see some Tom Green movie and spent the evening giggling at Dogstar CDs in the bargain bin at a suburban Columbus Virgin Megastore, and geeking out at Borders. I think I remember us listening to the Breeders on the drive home. He was kind of an intellectual snob and said some kind of homophobic things to one of my friends and we stopped talking after that. But still, he did introduce me to Gorey and Blind Melon and Ghost World and we parted amiably.


  1. Cannonball.

    Wish I was as cool as Kim Deal.

  2. kim gordon: