Monday, February 11, 2013

icy grey

Two times this weekend, when the weather warmed up slightly and the cabin fever became too much, I got outside and wandered on the deserted shore of Clevelandia. Sleep can wait, naps can be taken later, I love the beach at all seasons, but especially now, when there are skeletal driftwood trees washed up on the shore, the surf crystallized crunches under my shoes, and the water gleams silver under winter sun.

 And then yesterday I went out with my camera on a drive, which I haven't done in awhile but there's something that stirs me about the rust-colored palette under grey skies. I would have gone under the railroad trestle to shoot what would have undoubtedly been good graffiti, but I was alone, and occasionally I've come across men sleeping and starving feral dogs so I slowed down, turned the music low, and shot what I could from the side of the car.

The Flats were quiet as anything, and I got out by the bridges and walked down by the old warehouses and wished I had the bigger camera with me. Still, I'm happy enough with these shots.

And then I went down to the park on the other side, and the breakers must have caused the piles of ice that were everywhere, these broken sheets piled up against the shoreline, swirling out into the lake all Goldsworthy. There were a lot of people down there, maybe the warmer weather, maybe the cabin fever. Some guy dressed as Mario in tights with pompoms, a bunch of The Kids, including a big Moroccan contingent, mugging for the their iPhone cameras with the pastel sky and sheets of ice behind them, young Muslim couples and old men.

I'm sure with the sun out and the forty degrees, this has all melted, but to catch that transient moment at its most beautiful feels like some kind of little accomplishment.


  1. Nice set of Clevelandia pics. Thx for that. There is a beauty there, desolate and rustacious. Winter kills.

    Seriously, full spectrum lamp. Back of the knees.

    1. It may not be as classically picturesque but I find it continually beautiful and inspiring!

      I might give that a shot. All this sun we've been having, some soul-searching and recalibration, (and cutting back on my massive caffeine consumption) is starting to get me out of this funk.

    2. Glad to hear it.

      When I was in U., I wrote a book of poetry entitled: "Rivers of Rust". The book sucked, but damn that was a good title.


  3. Love the pics, I also enjoy looking at the Lake in the winter, especially when it's really cold and windy and the waves are throwing sheets of ice all over the piers and the beach.

    Never thought to take pics of graffiti, excellent. You can do a whole book of pics on that alone.

    I saw your comment on my blog just as I finished writing a post. I only had a blurb about the Pope....still trying to get my head wrapped around the whole thing. I don't know if I should be disappointed, understanding, or just accepting. So for now, I just wish him God's blessings on the rest of his life. I liked the Pope...took me awhile to warm up to him, but I did.

    1. I love the lake pretty much all the time. I think I have this inner need to be near water!

      I've got years' worth of graffiti photos stashed on my laptop and hanging in my house. There's some amazing artwork along the train lines and such!

      I can't figure it out completely, though I'm interested to see who comes next.