Friday, February 8, 2013

soul restored

a return home the other night to seek to recalibrate, to listen to what cannot be heard and to mingle with common-creeded souls. There were crafts going on and we women from all walks sitting around a dining room table, I was drinking herbal tea and feeling uncreative so I sat and talked and listened and it was what I needed to realign my soul and attempt to be if not more graceful a little less surly. Not having a nasty cold does help, I guess. I've cut down on the coffee and been drinking more tea and that seems to help the mood too.

There is absurdity of the enormous kind and the small fiefdom kind and the sometimes people just suck kind. We Social Workers For the Damned get burned out sometimes. One can only take so much constant jerkitude. For some reason the mid-afternoon, post high-fructose cornsyrup consumption, brings out most of the clowns, and it's the time of the day when we're most tired on top of that.

The Chinese class left me some potstickers and fortune cookies and all the fortune cookies involved my lofty ambitions, my amazing management skills, and the great opportunities that await on Monday. Monday can wait. I'm ready to go home and hunker down as the snow blows in.

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