Wednesday, February 15, 2012

revels in blue part 2

We The Peonage are somewhat notorious in house for ordering tomes upon tomes of sundry swank and strangeness, but occasionally a few will hold a special place in our book-loving hearts, especially this gorgeous volume of Harry Clarke's stained glass work,  (click through for a look-see as to why), which I would love to have on my coffeetable for the next few decades of perusing rather than simply renewing Ohio State's copy.

It seems that it's going to be reprinted, which makes me more happy than an art book should, but there are few pleasures in life dearer than printed pages and beautiful art that have provided inspiration.

This is the most recent enameling homage project, and while I wish I could have the color just a smidge lighter, it has this old look that I kind of love. I know better than to even try to do his divine shades of blue. 


  1. Concernynge booklie goode-nesse, I know I already typed this to you at some point this morn, but AW YISS.

    As for Harry Clarke Blue (which should be trademarked, dammit), I understand your hesitation, but even Harry once upon a workshop had to lay that blue for the first time.

  2. Randal, that was supposed to be a sky blue upon ye olde enamel that burned to a pleasant, but uncalled-for grey. Still came out nice, but not what I was planning. Scurvie Alchymie!

    Jim, his black and white illustrations for Faust and Poe are worth checking out to. We love us some Harry in Clevelandia.