Thursday, February 2, 2012

melt and blur

One of my pieces cracked since I did it wrong and so it had to be done over again. I don't know why I didn't enamel the other side, and piled the front with millefiori and crystalline chunks of colored glass that upon amending the first mistake, the forces of gravity and heat caused the mass of colors on the front to drip down in a way that'd be beautiful if it didn't involve holding the cooled piece over a trash can and snipping off the frozen flow of glass with a pair of pliers to throw it back in the kiln and let it melt again not quite as perfect as it conceivably was.

The other piece was also a mistake, of putting on a layer of flux without the accompanying color and the one I selected due to its pale chartreuse was cloudier than I would have liked, but more time in the heat will hopefully burn some of that away as well.

The process is making more sense as I continue on and a year of learning finally feels like it's starting to pay off.

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  1. Hey, that top one's new. The glaze gives off the notion of a bubble flush with abstract goodies, symbols, about to burst.