Wednesday, February 29, 2012

better with Pepper

I'm debating whether or not to go see Corrosion of Conformity & Torche next week, because I love me some big riffs, but repeat spinning of Deliverance in the car only makes the lack of Pepper Keenan more acute, I'm not quite as into the old tunes, and while what I've heard of the new record is very good, I have to be up at 4am the next morning and that's harder and harder to do nowadays, and there's time to figure out if I'm up for yet another solo outing to see good heavy tuneage. Sometimes I can get lost in the sound, and sometimes it just feels awkward, and the advantage of being guestlisted for stuff means I can show up and leave at whim without feeling like I've blown money if I'm not having a good time.

Some folk who think that Manowar is a really good band might want to take issue with my 'cred' for not being properly dedicated to the scene, but said folk are also more affluent than We The Peonage who can't afford to see every band that comes within three hours of Clevelandia, since most of them seem to be bypassing our fair city as it is. I don't know what we did to get on the bad side of the Supreme Metal Council, but we must have done something.

On a side note, I was walking from the parking lot to work when a bunch of seagulls flew over and I saw something drop a couple feet in front of me and assumed it was scat until I heard a clink and I got closer and realized it was an old rusty razor blade. Awesome.


  1. If you don't go, how can you build your cred to impress those with some of the worst taste in metal I've ever seen on Zuckerbook, ever?

    COC sans Pepper singing (Animosity/Blind, I don't count the debut 'cause it ain't that good) is quality, but you can't add the best ingredient, then remove it. I blame Anselmo.

  2. passing a razor is pretty metal for a seabird, must be a sign from the gods

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