Friday, February 10, 2012


So in the class I'm taking, we had a quiz today, with some stupid questions, but ten points, multiple choice, scantron, not too hard right? Anyways, We The Peonage have been feeling teleported back to 8th grade social studies between the know-it-allness of one of the profs and the antics of our not-so-peers, who spend most of their time flirting, texting, affixing sticky notes with I HEART MILFS on each others' backs, and can't find Saudi Arabia on a map.

You know the answers don't you?


Why won't you share the answers with me?


A few minutes pass.

It's nice to share, why aren't you being nice?

While I could have had a chance to Derkins him with a little more mental preparation, I was a bit stunned to see the blatant cheating going on, not even the surreptitious kind, but blatant copying of answers. I am not much fun, but I feel downright prissy at this point, and a little amazed, and also knowing that these our the future leaders of our world and that this more or less has always been the future leaders of the world, because getting ahead is not so much by hard work as it is by connections and manipulation and letting others do the work for you.


  1. Pretty please with pita on top tell me you're going to do exactly this during the next quiz.

  2. I'm assuming you really do want to see Mesopotamian fisticuffs.

  3. Five a.m.!? Oy. I don't think they even have that particular hour in ATL. Must be a Clevelandia thing. Rockin' your Drive Time!


  5. Jim, I'll try to remember to post a playlist or something. We'll be archiving eventually so you can hear it at a more decent hour.

    looks like some good stuff on there, started that 'Ten Thousand Saints' book you recommended and am loving it so far.