Friday, June 14, 2013

what is this thing called sleep

because I haven't gotten much, between dog-watching and summer-socializing. It's been overcast and stormy when it's not blissful which means it's easy to go to work and then the nights are cool and beautiful.  I got a text on my phone alerting me to extreme weather but all we got was some rain and a really swank lightning show. I think a lot of us were filming it and throwing it on Youtube, or at least this guy did.
Otherwise, there's a big pile of summer reading, the nephews are fun as anything, the powers that be are still absurd, and I feel like this whole season is slipping away all too quickly. And I've had this song on repeat for the whole week.


  1. I love to watch storms like that, the bigger the ligh show the better. Also love the sound of booming thunder, the kind that shakes your house. It must be the unleashed cool.

    However, I hide like a mouse in my basement when the sirens go off. Even Wonder Woman knows when her super powers are no match for Mother Nature. :-)