Tuesday, June 11, 2013


If I believed in jinxes, I'd say I'd jinxed the Peonage, because the usual peeps are being wack as usual, between the politicking of bored women and the usual straunge ffolke and the general ennui of the weather changes.

We’re not interested in idle talk
(Wily Kataso!)
Sitting around too long ain’t good for people
Too much malicious gossip
Too many uncalled-for words
Talking too much clap-trap
I tell you
I said we’ve been sitting around too long

Talk talk talk a lot
And that’s all you’ve got
Thinking you know best
Give my ears a rest

Take your tired tone
And yourself back home
Now you’ve had your say
Move yourself away

Oh my goodness, the clownery is overwhelming. All those layers of power and general nastiness and fiefdoms and factions. I'm already running on four hours of sleep and all this isn't helping.


  1. Today didn't seem to be as wacky. Behold the awesome shielding power of rock and/or roll.

  2. I took a course in clap-trap in school, but they wouldn't give me credit as a foreign language. Go figure.

    HI! :-D