Wednesday, June 26, 2013

give and take

State-worship and searching for reasons to believe in heroes tarnished by the reality of business as usual. We eat the carrots tossed out to us and don't mind the presence of sticks as long as they're beating someone else. I'm fine with junk laws being struck down, but this feels like a pretty bald-faced bait and switch when there's shenanigans of carnage and snitch culture and guilty until proven guilty. I'm sorry, I just can't celebrate as the pot continues to boil and as the noose continues to tighten. Equality for marriage, fine, but what about equality for the rest of those marginalized, where is the justice there? Where is their equality? Is it not as convenient or resonant? Why does progress for one always come in tandem with the disenfranchisement of another?


  1. where is the "tandem" aspect of this case/finding?

    1. striking down the Voting Rights Act two days before, refusing to hear cases like this. I don't know, it's hard for me to look at these people as heroes because I feel like for every right being given, there's others that are being taken away. But that's just me and my crazy self.

    2. I see you are talking about the Justices and not the human-rights workers, judges make things up piecemeal like the rest of us do, no "ruling" principles at work let alone the "Law", this is why the marriage of theology and statecraft is a nightmare...