Tuesday, June 25, 2013

divide and conquer

 Next week is 4th of July and this is the dumbassery that is the municipality next door. I like the whole element of things exploding, inherited no doubt from my hill people relatives, for whom the holiday involves ample amounts of booze and things that go bang. I guess that and driving around listening to rock and roll are the most americanski things about me. Seeing that The Kids are going to have even less fun than we did makes me sad inside.

In conversations with most folks, I hear the general theme, well as long as I'm safe that's cool, or who cares about this stuff did you hear about Paula Deen/Kardashian Baby/yadayada and I guess I forget sometimes that I am in my own little bubble of other contrarians sometimes, that not everyone questions the answers that we're given or even cares because there's flashier and less thought-inducing things to consider. Easier to poke fun at The Other, blame the Other, than see them as fellow humans who might just be as screwed up as we are. Derogatories are all too easy and so is thinking that there is some magical kumbayah future ahead. I don't understand this. I just don't. Hence, snark and riffs and conversations with the few I feel like I can actual talk to.


  1. I miss the good ol' days when the 4th of July was the best summer day ever for kids and adults who just want to be "kids" for a day as they play with their fireworks and enjoy the evening with friends and beer. I remember (which shows how old I am) when the smoke and sufpher smell from fireworks were so thick in the air by evening that you couldnd't see 10 feet in front of you. Not to mention, when our parents handed a huge bag of firecrackers to each kid and told them, have fun, don't throw them at anyone, and for goodness sakes, stay outside with them. That's it. Orange and Cream Soda "Pop" and fireworks---makes me feel like a 'merkin. Sigh....

    1. I KNOW!

      It's always a nice night to burn some stuff and eat some good food. That haze is one of my favorite things.

      I love that smell, and that's what most Fourths still are at least within city limits (one of my east side friends does stay over at our place though, because his neighbors prefer mortar rounds and AK-47s). The Italian and Puerto Rican neighborhoods are especially awesome.