Sunday, June 9, 2013

the good earth

I went on a walk with a friend around the corner, with her dog and the greenery of the trees in June, the welcome shade, the river, were welcome sights and a blessed escape and I mostly avoided anything political and volatile despite the thoughts inherent with unsurprising revelations and my amazement that others really don't seem nearly so bothered. I guess there have always been cassandras who warned about trojan horses and conquistadors and whatnot.

And it just felt so good to be outside, to deal with plants and neighbors and get my fingers dirty in the earth, lovingly insert plants into soil to grow, anticipating the rain, washing off the crustypunky patina from my skin and hair. I guess this is how we continue to survive, hovering between frustration and inevitable bliss.


  1. What's this we? Some of us prefer coping with booze.

  2. Science &Technology

    That unknown bodiless entities employ
    Our brains at night as virtual reality theaters
    Seems, if not beyond question, utter
    Rubbish of the sort we'd say is amply

    Proved in evidentiary terms.
    The chief thing is: it's safe. The volts and amps
    Are all to code. The wiring diagrams
    Will show, that during active REM sleep, motor

    Nerves are disengaged, The bloody thrash
    Is not enacted bodily in bed.
    Otherwise, sheet-wound like feuding Bedouins
    We'd wake to mayhem in the Marriage. Sheesh,

    What a- say, are you awake? For pity's
    Sake, Sweetheart, tell me, what "entities"?

    Richard Kenney

  3. have you read pearl buck's novel by this title? i haven't - not yet, at least

    1. I have! it was really good (and sad, of course).