Wednesday, October 31, 2012

spooky noochies

Not as into the Hallow's Eve as much as others, surprising given the melancholic persuasion. Not so much into the macabre, I guess, which makes me no fun on movie night sometimes for not being so much into cinematic excursions like Cannibal Holocaust, though we did watch the following and I enjoyed it immensely and was glad that my CD player worked well enough to drive home through the dark streets listening to choice cuts off Bloody Kisses.
It's been a straunge week, what with these storms and the dark streets, the breakdowns in communication and the kafkaesque absurdity of human resourcing and Infernal Papers of Doom. Thinking of The Children means the postponement of trick-or-treating til the weekend especially since there still isn't electricity at church and therefore no way to see much inside. My lights are back on and there's some feline lurking in my stairwell meowing back and forth with my cat, not sure what the story is there.

Never liked a lot of horror outside the Hawthorne/Poe/Gorey some bits of Calvino and mythology and folklore, preferring spooky to slashy. Lafcadio Hearn's Kwaidan ghost stories from old Japan are highly recommended, as is anything having to do with Baba Yaga. That being said, swank art redux:

 And for those who prefer to call it Reformation Day, you can insult scurvy popery like Martin Luther who had a potty mouth indeed.

Also, tuneage.


  1. I'm happy that you put the White Stripes in your list of music.

    Halloween is ok by me, as long as I get to see the little kids looking so cute. And it's really cute when they walk away and I know I won't see them for another year. ;-) I did my share of wiping butts and noses in my life time.

    The only good horror movie is the old ones that don't rely on hack 'em up and blood and gore. In fact, I can't remember the last time I saw something really scary on TV....except Dance Moms.

    1. I found it funny that my parents' evangelical friends were really freaked out by the concept *but just rebranded it as a "harvest festival" anyway like that doesn't sound any more pagan, and in Catholic school we could come dressed up as whatever we wanted. It was way more fun as a kid, and I love seeing the kids dressed up too.

      Never been into blood and gore, probably never will be. The world as it is is scary enough!