Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Too many things I could do, free in twenty minutes, one obligation hopefully brief, because introversion is calling, the lack of sleep is starting to nip, the need for alone-time palpable. I'll be housesitting this week back in the old almost-hood, with the Jungle Puppy and the two cats. It's a good night for tuneage in Clevelandia, with Dinosaur Jr. on one side (being a grunge kid, I should worship the guy, but I just haven't gotten there) and chick fronted doomeriffery a bit closer to home. I need tea and sleep and time to meditate... hopefully that comes.


  1. You just wanted to put on an old pair of jams and thrash out.

    1. They weren't official jams like yours, but around that same time period, I did own bright green hibiscus-flowered pedal-pushers that even with my lack of fashion sensibility, I rarely wore.

      Is it any wonder why our clothes are so monochrome now?

  2. http://hcl.harvard.edu/poetryroom/listeningbooth/index.cfm#