Thursday, October 4, 2012

best of the blotter: kids, guns, polka...

SUSPICION, ORCHARD GROVE AVENUE: A woman noticed a group of children playing in front of her home Sept. 30. She told police that one of the boys seemed to be holding a handgun.
Officers later determined it was a toy gun. They advised him and his parents about the complaint.

COMPLAINT, MADISON AVENUE: Officers spoke with a group of children who had been swearing at the park and told them to leave Sept. 29.

COMPLAINT, MADISON AVENUE: Police responded to reports of children hiding in trees and throwing acorns at passing cars. They surveyed the trees near Rosewood Park, but found no children.

COMPLAINT, THOREAU ROAD: Channeling their inner samurai, two teenagers spent the afternoon Sept. 30 running around with Japanese swords, chopping the limbs of trees.
Their games caught the attention of a nearby resident, who thought Japanese swords might be a bit dangerous.
An officer spoke with the boys and explained that they should probably pick up a new hobby, at least when on city streets.

BURGLARY, CHESTNUT DRIVE: A homeowner told police Sep. 29 somebody entered his unlocked home and stole a chainsaw and a television.

DISTURBANCE, MAPLEWOOD ROAD: Officers responded to Arbor Court apartments around 11 p.m. Dept. 21 for a report of people screaming and yelling obscenities. They told officers they were playing an intense word game. They were told to keep it down. 

EXPLOSIVES, LINDEN LANE: A woman said Sept. 24 she found a box of what she was told were training hand grenades and wanted to turn them in to be destroyed. The Suburban Police Anti-crime Network bomb squad was called to remove the grenades, which were believed to be fake, but the fuses were live.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON, MAYFIELD ROAD: A woman was seen in a car at BP around 11 a.m. Sept. 23 with a butcher knife. She told officers she was going to use it to prepare lunch after she went grocery shopping. A man who was with her, said he was not concerned for his safety but she was asked to secure the knife anyhow.

Someone left bullets at Best Buy Sept. 29, a report said.
The store manager asked police to take the 9mm Rueger magazine with six bullets.
Twice in recent months, guns have been left behind in restrooms -- once in Walmart in August, and the other a week later at Panera.

Polka Party
Residents on Sassafras Drive called police about 10:30 a.m. Sept. 29 about loud polka music.
Police followed the music to a nearby home where residents were getting ready for a Serbian wedding.
The music was "extremely loud," a report said, and police advised the residents they would be cited if officers had to return.


  1. The music was "extremely loud," a report said, and police advised the residents they would be cited if officers had to return.

    You know WHO ELSE told people to turn their polka music down?

  2. Gimme back my bullets.

    Shit, where were THOSE cops when I lived next to the jackass?

  3. Ha ha ha of course we know If. If it ain't metal it ain't music.