Tuesday, October 2, 2012


All glitched up on the show this morning, found my stride with the doomerific jams later on which made at least one listener extremely happy. A little more incoherent than usual, wishing the afternoon receptionist hadn't called off because my car's rattling more and more each day like the bottom will drop out.

Looking forward to watching the local baseball team lose tonight, watching the gloom slowly abate hoping against hope that we get a day off when the self proclaimed bringer of hope and change rolls into town this weekend. I'm sick of hearing about that and non-rocking boomer music to the nth degree and it makes the swears fly out.

One of my bloghomies sent me a huge box full of Arvo Part and sundry punk rock and books about politics and mystics and such. I haven't rocked out to Minor Threat in the car in way too long.


  1. http://www.artforum.com/video/

  2. CLEVELAND -- Jason Donald singled home the winning run with two outs in the 12th inning, lifting the Cleveland Indians over the Chicago White Sox 4-3.

    So you've got that...

    1. If, I was at that game, and it was awesome.