Thursday, October 4, 2012


A baseball game the night before last with the homie on the next street over, the guy behind us looked and sounded like James Brown with his peanut gallery cheers. GO ON HIT IT NOW! UNH! THAT'S RIGHT BABY! YOU GOT IT NOW. GET HIM OUT NOW! OH YEAH! YOU KNOW HOW IT IS! ALL RIGHT!

I was reduced to giggles as my inner ear conjured up a tight rhythm section cold-sweating into oblivion. We were in the swank seats with the oodles of free food, but it felt like the cheap seats with the inebriated unabashed fanfolk, and there were no complaints from yours truly.And surprisingly, we won, so yay.

I didn't watch the debate last night, didn't get any writing of merit done, did spend a lot on car repairs, which was expected given the creaks in the body, had dinner with the sister and played with the little dude who can now ride piggyback if I hold his ankles as he crows and giggles, expressed snark with bro-in-law, hung out with the Queen of the Bondo, came home.

Nothing new under the sun, not looking forward to the circus that will be going on tomorrow, can't wait for the goon squads to get all this over with. Meanwhile, like the true Clevelandian, it's time to chortle at boomers complaining about That Rap Music and why their favorite classic rock bands from the 1970's are criminally overlooked. The Rock Hall's a waste of time and perfectly good space along the lakefront, so I've got no emotional feelings on any of it, especially since such specifications of rockingness don't include the Bad Brains or Iron Maiden.

Still haven't churned out any schlock for writing class, gritting my teeth through the Roman Empire because it could be interesting as hell but it's now a steppingstone of facts you should know as you climb the corporate ladder. Whatever to that. Whatever to whatever happened last night at the debates. No one's going to talk about drones or kids in Yemen or unlawful detainment or holding rich scumbags accountable. Still getting the lesser-of-two-evils lecture from well-meaning Dems who say that he just needs more time to fix the mess. Remember when people said that about Bush II? I do. Look how that worked out.

Anyways, I'll shut the hell up. here's some tunes.


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